Archived news

£2,500 for Blind in Business

July 2016

Blind in Business is a registered charity that exists to train blind and visually impaired children in career planning to help them into their first job.  They also assist graduates.  The key to their work is to promote confidence in the children/young adults to help them progress through education and into their first job.  The application to ACT was for help to upgrade their own office technology so that the children have access to computers that have the capability to work with the speech and other specialist software they use.  The charity works with at least 80 sight impaired people in a year in London to show them the right technology so that they can complete job applications and in turn gives them experience of a real office environment.  ACT were pleased to be able to help with a donation of £2,500.

£15K for Cumbria Youth Alliance

June 2016

Cumbria Youth Alliance is a registered charity set up to provide services to young people in Cumbria and across the whole country.  Annually they reach more than 2500 young people to deliver a variety of one to one support packages (early intervention) and group sessions to help young people stay safe and lead more positive and fulfilling lives.  Their application to ACT was for help to set up a new project to help young people with disabilities to get into volunteering so that they can gain work experience and feel a part of their communities.  The young people themselves will be supported by volunteer mentors to develop their potential as volunteers and to receive accredited training while they work with their disabled peers to enhance quality of life and self-esteem.  The project will be over 3 years and will improve the quality of life for over 150 of the most disadvantaged members of society.

£600 for an adjustable bed

June 2016

A 48 year old lady who suffers from functional paralysis, chronic back pain and post viral fatigue, applied to ACT for help to fund a specialist adjustable bed.  The lady has severe weakness in her legs, is unable to walk and is hoisted for all of her transfers.  Her application to ACT for the bed was fully supported by her GPand ACT were pleased to be able to pledge £600 in the hope that she will have a more comfortable life.

£5K Pledge for Roundabout

May 2016

Roundabout is Sheffield's only youth housing charity.  It provides shelter, support and life skills to over 150 young people in Sheffield every day who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  The charity first opened its doors to homeless young people in 1977 and today has a hostel for 27 16-21 year olds that provides emergency and medium-stay accommodation and a range of services to help break the cycle and improve lives.  The charity has another property next door to the hostel - "No 11" which consists of 5 self-contained flats with 8 bedrooms.  These flats provide a safe place for 8 young people to stay once they have left the hostel and the residents, as at the hostel, are allocated a key worker who works with them to determine a needs support provision and structured programme of life skills.  Additionally, residents at No. 11 will have started or will be working towards some form of education, training or employment as a stepping stone towards leaving Roundabout's care and securing their own tenancy.  Roundabout's application to ACT was for help to fund refurbishment of the flats as a new heating system and kitchens are required to be updated to ensure they are liveable.  ACT were delighted to be able to pledge a donation of £5K to help assist with this work.

£1,000 Pledge for Lincoln & Lindsey Blind Society

May 2016

Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society (LLBS) is an independent charity working to make life easier for blind, partially sighted and visually impaired people whatever their age and personal circumstances to help them to keep active and remain independent in all aspects of their daily living.  Their services include, Sight Impairment Officer Visiting Service, Resource Centre, Talking books and newspapers, social groups, eye clinic support desks, Children's Services and visual impairment awareness training.  Their application to ACT was for help to fund a Befriending Project for elderly, severely sight impaired people and ACT were happy to be able to help with a one off pledge for equipment  to help them on their way.

£1,169 for an Epilepsy Alarm

May 2016

The mother of a 12 year old girl applied to us for help to fund an epilepsy alarm.  The girl has many complex medical problems including Tuberous Sclerosis, a genetic condition that can lead to growths in various organs of the body, autism and focal seizures.  Her seizures can occur day and night and she has required intensive care treatment on many occasions.  The provision of a wrist worn wireless seizure alarm will alert her family to any seizure she may be suffering and enable them to act quickly to keep her safe.  ACT were pleased to be able to help.

£10K to Cintre Respite & Crisis Centre

April 2016

Cintre is a registered charity that supports people with autism, learning difficulties and mental health issues between the ages of 18-45.  They seek to enable independence and offer an active intervention and support service throughout Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset.  The charity has identified a gap in the provision of respite and crisis response facilities throughout those areas and they are trying to bridge this gap with the setting up of a Respite and Crisis Centre.  Their application to ACT was for help to fund the construction of a two bedroom lodge on land that they own near their existing services.  Their research has indicated the service will be extremely well used and ultimately hope that it will be available as a free service.  ACT were delighted to be able to pledge £10K towards the lodge which will provide a calm and caring environment for those in need. 

£250 for a Specialist Profiling Bed

April 2016

A 29 year old man with a severe spinal condition applied to us for assistance to fund an electric profiling bed.  He experiences such excruciating pain that he can only tolerate sitting in a chair for a short amount of time and spends almost 24 hours a day in bed.  This majorly contributes to the severe depression he suffers and is impacting on his mental health.  His OT has recommended a specialist profiling bed as he is currently reliant on family members for all transfers to alternative seating and the bathroom facilities which is obviously risking injury to them.  The provision of a profiling bed will improve his quality of life and comfort and ACT were pleased to be able to pledge a donation of £250.


£5K for Enable Glasgow

April 2016

Enable Glasgow is a long established Scottish charity which arose from the Scottish Society for Mentally Handicapped Children, founded in the 1950's.  Enable supports adults who have a learning disability and who live in Glasgow by a range of methods; supported residential care at 2 locations, ad hoc clubs and activities at several sites and times, campaigning and advocacy and sheltered employment in a supported workshop (Fortune Works).  Fortune Works ("FW") is a Social Enterprise providing meaningful opportunities for people with a learning disability within Glasgow and the surrounding areas.  It's aim is to offer genuine working practices and ethics in a safe environment.  Service users, with the support and guidance of staff, learn and develop skills which can lead to other opportunities, including further educational studies, volunteering or employment.  The work they undertake ranges from light industrial to packaging and production of arts & craft items.    FW currently offers a full holistic service to 120 service users who are supported to create and identify their own goals, both personally and work-based, during their five day, full time attendance.  The application to ACT was for the capital cost of converting their existing standard WC's to specialist Clos-o-mat WC's, a type of WC that aids in the washing and drying required for people who suffer with incontinent episodes.  FW are supporting service users who are aged and increased longevity has brought health conditions which have an adverse impact on the capability of users to self manage their toileting.  The provision of 2 Clos-o-mat toilets will allow FW to continue the good work they do and will promote personal dignity and independence amongst their users.

£1,000 Pledge for Portable Hoist

March 2016

We received an application for help to fund a portable hoist from a man with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a disease where there is a degeneration of the cells of the spinal cord which results in muscular weakness.  The man was diagnosed in 1991 but over the years has lost more mobility and he is now a full time powered wheelchair user.  Additionally, it has now become unsafe for him to transfer from his wheelchair without the use of a hoist.  The man is keen to remain active and he enjoys participating in the community and living as full a social life as he can.  His request to ACT was for help to fund a portable hoist to enable him to continue his activities.  ACT were delighted to be able to pledge £1,000 to help him to do this.