Archived news

£630 for a Clos-o-mat Toilet

September 2015

A 70 year old severely disabled lady applied to us for help to complete the funding she required to be able to install a specialist Clos-o-Mat automatic shower toilet.  The lady, who has suffered with early onset osteoarthritis since the age of 40, has many other associated medical conditions resulting in her being confined to the downstairs of her home.  Her Occupational Therapist recommended this vital piece of equipment and it has made the world of difference to her life and given her back independence and dignity.  ACT were pleased to be able to donate the £630 balance required.

£10K for equipment for new Centre

August 2015

Leeds Mencap is a registered charity that provides essential support, advice and care to over 250 children and adults with learning disabilities per week as well as their families and carers.  Demand for their services has meant that they have outgrown their current premises and once they have raised the last tranche of money needed they will be moving to new premises which will double their space.  The vision they have is to create a vibrant Centre that will be a learning hub for all learning disability organisations across Leeds as well as housing all of their own core services.  The new Centre has seen generous pledges from Leeds Community Foundation and other trusts and foundations. Their request to ACT was for help to fund some of the vital equipment they will need at the end of the build such as a mobile changing/nursing bench and a ceiling track hoist.  ACT were delighted to be able to pledge £10K towards these essential items and wish them good luck in their final fundraising efforts and in their new home ! 

£500 for Mobility Scooter

August 2015

A 46 year old mum of 3 children applied to ACT for help to fund a mobility scooter.  The mum who has a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis suffers bilateral leg weakness which makes even short journeys challenging for her. Unfortunately her car is no longer road worthy and without any transport she is unable to access the local community, complete the school run or take the childen to the park.  Her application to ACT was for help to fund a mobility scooter that is suitable and appropriate for her needs.  ACT were pleased to pledge £500 to the scooter which will help her to maintain independence and enjoy her family.

£750 Pledge for a Profiling Bed

August 2015

The family of an 83 year old man applied to us for help to fund a specialist profiling bed.  The man is a double amputee and has a history of mental health issues.  He has lived with his daughter and family for the past 20 years and is fully reliant on them for all aspects of his daily care.  The bed he currently has is low to the ground and unsafe for family and carers when they are trying to transfer him as there is a risk of him falling.  The profiling bed will make the task of dressing him easier and less time consuming for them - they sometimes have to carry out this task 4 times a day.  The bed will also provide him with a level of comfort he does not have at the present time.  ACT were pleased to be able to make a pledge of £750. 

£750 Pledge for a Desktop Electronic Magnifier

July 2015

A 56 year old man who is registered as severely sight impaired and who has a number of additional health problems applied to us to help fund a desktop electronic magnifier.  The magnifier will assist him to read books and newspapers and help him in his daily life with reading hospital appointment letters, etc.  ACT were pleased to pledge the shortfall of £750 he required.

£5,000 for The Together Trust

July 2015

Founded in 1870 the Together Trust is a registered charity that provides a range of social care, special education and community support services to over 1700 vulnerable children, young people and adults every year.  This includes those with learning disabilities, autism spectrum conditions, behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, complex medical needs and sensory impairments.  Together Trust's application to ACT was for funding towards bathroom adaptations at one of their specially adapted bungalows, Overdale, situated in Manchester.  Overdale provides long-term residential care and is home to four children/young people aged 5-17 who have physical and or learning difficulties or other conditions that prevent them living with their families.  The bungalow's bathroom was in need of a full makeover to improve levels of comfort and dignity for the residents and ACT were delighted to be able to help them reach their fundraising target with a pledge of £5,000.   

£2,184 for Specialist Profiling Bed

June 2015

The mother of a 29 year old man who has Fragile X Syndrome applied to us for help to fund a profiling bed for him.  The man who requires 24 hour care has marked flexural deformities at both knees and will not be able to walk again leaving him bed bound.  ACT were pleased to donate the £2,184 required to fund a new bed which will not only provide him with a level of comfort but also make helping him easier for his mother and carers. 

£2,580 for Simeon Care

June 2015

Simeon Care (part of Camphill), based in Aberdeen, is a registered charity which provides an 18 bed care home with nursing.  Their elderly residents have dementia, physical and learning disabilities, Motor Neurone Disease and many other conditions associated with old age.  The focus is on caring for their residents' social and psychological well-being and to achieve this they provide many activities such as baking, gardening and piano lessons  in a "family" environment.  Simeon Care is currently building a new 23 bed care home specifically designed to meet the complex and specialised needs of older people and their application to ACT was to help fund new nursing beds that will provide comfort and allow maximum care to be carried out in a dignified manner.  ACT were pleased to be able to support them with their project.

£3,900 for a Stand Aid

May 2015

Founded in 1984 by people whose lives were affected by Multiple Sclerosis, Sussex Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Centre has grown into a vibrant self-help community that offers a wide and varied programme of drug free therapies, classes and social activities for their 800 members.  In addition, they are now supporting people with other long-term neurological conditions such as ME, Parkinson's disease, cerebral ataxia and those who have suffered strokes. Their application to ACT was for a stand aid and lifting cushion to enable their volunteers to transfer wheelchair users in a safe and dignified manner.  ACT were delighted to be able to donate the £3,900 they required. 

£2,000 Pledge for E-motion Wheels

May 2015

A 60 year old lady who sustained a spinal injury following a car accident many years ago applied to us for help to fund E-motion wheels. Over the years, the lady has seen her upper limb strength decrease and her hands are now weak making it very difficult for her to propel the manual wheelchair she has.  The provision of these wheels which will attach to her existing chair will enable her to remain independent and able to access her local community.  ACT's pledge of £2,000 will help her on her fundraising way.