Archived news

£2,335 for a Wheelchair Attachment

April 2018

A 44 year old man who has limb girdle muscular dystrophy applied to us for help to fund a specialist attachment for his wheelchair.  This attachment is a revolutionary power assist device that can quickly and easily be fixed to any wheelchair and enable the user to power up the steepest hills and over the thickest carpets.  Our applicant has a young family and although he self propels most of the time, family days out are sometimes cut short as he becomes fatigued and has to ask for help.  The provision of this piece of equipment will make life a little easier and promote independence.  ACT were delighted to be able to pledge a donation of £2,335.

£5K for Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton

April 2018

Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton is an independent, local charity working with and for older people in Merseyside.  They offer a diverse and effective range of welfare, community and health oriented services to look after and assist older people such as home care and support, exercise classes, befriending and reablement, telephone and office based advice and social activities.  Their application was for capital funding for the construction of a mezzanine floor within a building they own, The Poppy Centre.  This development will enable staff to relocate from 3 ground floor rooms freeing up space to house small group activities to those living with dementia.  The 3 extra rooms will serve as a greatly needed supplementary facility and will provide space for carers to go for a break and a nurse led, day care service incorporating meaningful, therapeutic and enjoyable activities and socialisation for up to 25 older people.  ACT were pleased to be able to help out with a donation of £5K.

£6K to Caritas Anchor House

April 2018

Caritas Anchor House is a charity that works with vulnerable groups including those affected by homelessness.  They have a holistic approach and use their innovative "Aspirations Programme" to assist in personal development.  The programme addresses all aspects of a person's life including health & wellbeing, recreational and therapeutic activities, financial management, education, volunteering and training, etc.  The charity is based in Newham, one of the most deprived boroughs in the UK and provides a home and has given support to over 300 people in the last year.  Their application to ACT was for help to upgrade their computer equipment and ACT were delighted to be able to pledge a grant of £6K to help towards the purchase of 10 new monitors and desktops.

£1,200 for Respite

March 2018

A 44 year old lady who has a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome and many other health complications applied to us for funding towards a one week break at The Calvert Trust respite centre.  The respite centre provides care with challenging outdoor activities and they focus equally on both carers and the cared for.  ACT were very pleased to be able to help with a pledge of £1,200.

£10K to Canterbury Oast Trust

March 2018

Canterbury Oast Trust is a registered charity  that supports adults with a learning disability to live more independently and to take control of their lives by providing a home, personal development and learning and inspiring work experiences.  They have 18 individual family-style homes in community locations across Kent and East Sussex and provide care services matched to the needs of individuals.  They also operate a number of training projects which help to generate income to support their work.  They have over 90 residents and tenants and a further 100 people who use their services.  Their application to ACT was funding towards the build of a Life Skills Academy to allow them to increase the number of student placements they are able to offer and to provide a much improved learning environment for their students and staff.  This new academy be nearly three times the size of their existing college and will be at their Highlands Farm site.  ACT were pleased to be able to donate £10K.

£6,540 for The Children's Respite Trust

March 2018

The Children's Respite Trust is a charity that provides respite care for disabled children and support for their families.  They have assisted many families in getting statutory support from the government, provided carers to individuals and have funded breaks to private respite centres.  Our grant will be used towards the development of their new premises in Uckfield, East Sussex which will become the "East Sussex Children's Respite Centre", providing after school, weekend and holiday care for children with a range of disabilities and their siblings.  ACT were delighted to be able to pledge towards helping with the new flooring and dining and office areas.

£9K for Heel & Toe Children's Charity

February 2018

Heel & Toe supports children with profound physical disabilities from the North East region to live active, fulfilling, independent lives with the provision of free therapy.  They offer a range of services, led by highly qualified therapists, to children of all ages from 3 months to 18 years.  Their application to ACT was for funding towards the refurbishment of a community centre to turn it into a hydrotherapy centre.  ACT were pleased to pledge a donation of £9K.

£2,500 for standing wheelchair

February 2018

A 28 year old man who is paralysed from the upper chest down applied to us for assistance to fund a standing wheelchair.  He is totally reliant on a wheelchair but needs to be able to stand up regularly to help maintain bone density, bladder/bowel function and blood circulation and to be able to continue working.  ACT were pleased to be able to pledge £2,500 towards a new standing wheelchair.

£228 for C-Pen Reader

February 2018

A 26 year old man who is unable to read or write due to a speech and language disability applied to us for help to fund a C-Pen Reader.  This reader can read printed text out loud or through headphones which will widen his job opportunities and revolutionise his everyday life.  ACT were delighted to be able to donate the £228 he required.

£15K for BOSP

January 2018

Brighter Opportunities through Supported Play (BOSP) is an Essex based registered charity that supports families by providing short break care for their children and young adults aged 4 years and up who have complex disabilities and/or limited life conditions.  Their application to ACT was for a contribution to their "Let's Go" club which is set up to encourage disabled young people (11+ years) to be comfortable out in the community.  Through a wide range of activities they aim to develop "out and about" skills such as money handling, road awareness and development of social skills via exercises incorporated wherever attainable in the wider community.    Their aim is to deliver 91 sessions over the course of the year which will allow 13 or more disabled people to benefit.  ACT were delighted to be able to pledge a £15K contribution.