Archived news

£5K for Hope Kitchen

March 2017

Hope Kitchen is a registered charity based on the West coast of Scotland.  The charity's main aim is to empower vulnerable and marginalised individuals by providing training to give them the practical and personal skills they need to improve their health, wellbeing and independent living skills and help to enable them to gain employment and to become valuable members of the community. Hope's application to ACT was for funding towards the refurbishment of their new and larger premises which will provide kitchens, showers and laundry facilities as well as meeting space. Over the past 12 months they have supported more than 270 people living in the area and ACT were pleased to be able to pledge £5,000.

£4,800 for soft padding for Blooming Blossoms Trust

February 2017

The Blooming Blossoms Trust, a registered charity since 2007, are committed to ensuring the growth and development of children from Hackney, Haringey and neighbouring boroughs who have learning disabilities, are in poverty and who face multiple challenges.  Their aim is to nurture children so that they can blossom and grow and reach their full academic and social potential.  Blooming Blossoms have leased a spare room in an Ofsted registered premises where they would like to offer an Occupational Therapy "haven", fully equipped with specialist equipment and led by a qualified Occupational Therapist who will work 1:1 with the children helping them to practice skills, do homework or just have fun in a safe, learning environment.  The project will run for 45 weeks per year after school and on Sundays and will include free use of the equipped and supervised OT room. This will benefit many children who live in cramped conditions and who need a safe outlet after school.  The application to ACT was for help to fund soft play padding for the wall and floors and ACT were pleased to be able to pledge a £4,800 donation.

£4K for Heart of Kent Hospice

February 2017

Heart of Kent Hospice has been providing palliative care for adults with life-limiting illnesses as well as supporting their families for 25 years.  They have an Inpatient Unit that provides palliative care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and their care is free of charge and available to everyone who needs it.  They applied to ACT to help fund specialist riser/recliner chairs as their existing chairs were old, worn and breaking down.  ACT were pleased to be able to help with a donation of £4,400 towards the chairs which will improve patients' safety, comfort, social interaction and sense of independence as well as reducing the debilitating effects of pain, poor digestion and breathlessness.

£500 Pledge for Specialist Bed

January 2017

An application was received from the OT of a lady who has a mild learning disability following anoxic brain damage at birth.  She was diagnosed with epilepsy aged 6 and her seizures are frequent and unpredictable and are unable to be fully managed by medication.  Additionally the lady has arthritis and experiences pain in all her joints which has affected her mobility and transfers.  She lives in her own flat and is supported by care staff in her everyday tasks.  Her current bed is a standard hospital bed however this is not the most suitable for her  as it is unable to have bedrails fitted and is quite narrow making it difficult for care staff to roll her when necessary.  The application to ACT was for help to fund a wide hi-lo specialist bed which will provide a greater level of comfort and make life easier for her care staff.  ACT were pleased to be able to pledge £500.

£4K for Bradford Toy Library and Resource Centre

January 2017

Bradford Toy Library is a registered charity based in St Luke's Hospital and working alongside the Child Development Centre.  They were established in 1975 as a specialist loan service of toys and equipment to children and young people 0-25 with disabilities.  They have recently been working closely with a special school on a pilot project to try and access hard to reach families.  The school has provided them with a room to use and they have been able to invite parents to come for a coffee morning, have their child's needs assessed and see the variety of specialist toys available for them to borrow to help their child's progress at home.  All of the toys they have are staged and have different results for the individual child depending on what they need to work on and build up, i.e. language, motor skills or sensory.  This pilot project has been a success and 20 families have benefited from their services. Their hope is that they will now be able to expand this scheme and work with other special schools to be able to access more children who would benefit.  The request to ACT was for help to fund more toys and equipment and we were pleased to be able to pledge £4K. 

£10K Pledge for Care Centre

January 2017

Radford Care Group is a registered charity that provides support to 85 elderly people per week who are living with long-term medical conditions such as dementia, frailty and the consequences of strokes.  They provide activity and exercise classes and ensure all members have a nutritious, home-cooked two course meal at lunch time in a sociable and friendly environment.  They provide many other services including help and information regarding housing and home adaptations and hold friendship groups.  Their members pay for their attendance through a personal budget set by Adult Social Care or privately and they are commissioned by and work in partnership with NHS Nottingham City and Nottingham CityCare to deliver their various services supporting good health in the community.  The charity is currently seeking funding to construct a new purpose-built two storey centre for the community which will enable them to expand their services significantly and allow their services to cover 7 days per week.  ACT were pleased to be able to pledge £10K. 

£5K for Rose Road Association

December 2016

The Rose Road Association operates across Hampshire and the surrounding counties to provide essential respite services for children and young people with severe physical and learning disabilities and/or autism.  They offer overnight short breaks and a community outreach service as well as after school and holiday schemes, Saturday clubs and Advice and Support Services.  They applied to ACT for help to replace some vital items of equipment and we were pleased to be able to pledge £5K towards a safe space bed and a shower changer.

£7.5K for Rainbow Living

December 2016

Rainbow Living is a volunteer led, registered charity providing accommodation and support for people with disabilities.  They have two houses in Exeter and Devon currently that provide a home for 10 young people with physical and learning disabilities where they can live together independently with professional support.  To help to meet the needs of adults aged 18-25 in Exeter they have now bought another house and their application to ACT is for financial assistance towards the necessary alterations and items of specialist equipment.  Rainbow Living have raised much of their own shortfall through local fundraising and donations and ACT were delighted to be able to pledge £7,500 to their fund.

£1K for Specialist Chair

December 2016

The OT of a lady with a complex, undiagnosed and deteriorating neurological condition applied to us for help to fund a specialist seat.  The lady requires supportive seating that provides pressure relief and postural support as well as a drop down arm for a side transfer and electric reclining function and dual motor to allow the chair to raise seat height for transfer ease.  The specialist seat will provide her with a level of comfort and make life easier for her carers.  ACT were pleased to be able to pledge a donation of £1,000.

£600 for Moor Allerton Elderly Care

November 2016

Moor Allerton Elderly Care is a registered charity in North East Leeds helping to meet the needs of older people in their community.  The charity's objectives are to support people living in their own homes and help them to live as independently as long as they are able, reduce social isolation, increase the choice and control they have over their own lives and improve health.  Over 200 people use their centre every month and 1 in 3 of those people aged between 64 and 74 years old have hearing loss meaning they cannot hear music, film dialogue, etc.  The charity's application to ACT was for help to cover the costs of buying and installing an induction loop amplifier.  ACT were delighted to be able to pledge the £600 required.