Archived news

£1K for Arts for All

November 2016

Arts for All is a creative charity that services the disadvantaged communities of Tower Hamlets and Hackney by providing weekly art therapy sessions to people of all ages, from diverse cultures and backgrounds and to those with special needs.  Their centre is based within one of the most deprived areas of the UK but by providing long-term support they are able to help to improve confidence, help people to achieve their goals and to ultimately change lives.  They applied for funding specifically for "Kaleidoscope", their creative club for disadvantaged and young people.  The club is run 3 times per week after school and is a place where 5-16 year olds can find sanctury and feel safe, supported and encouraged to achieve their potential.  Each week 60 children and young people access the project where trained staff and volunteers use a wide range of art therapy techniques to promote confidence in children to equip them to deal with violence in the home, bullying, crime and gang culture, drugs and alcohol, etc.  The club has enabled many of its members to reconnect with school, progress to college and in many cases find rewarding and sustainable employment.  ACT were delighted to be able to pledge £1K for materials.

£1K for Epilepsy Alarm

October 2016

The mum of a 3 year old boy who has congenital hyperinsulinemia, hydrocephalus and epilepsy amongst many other debilitating conditions applied to us for help to fund a wrist epilepsy monitor.  The little boy suffers many episodes during the day but is now also suffering at night with mum having to sleep in his bed.  The provision of a wrist worn epilepsy alarm will alleaviate mum's concern.  ACT were pleased to be able to pledge a £1K donation.

£10K for Building Refurbishment

October 2016

Doncaster Deaf Trust's mission is "to empower and support individuals to be resilient, independent and skilled to enable them to achieve their future aspirations and live fulfilling, independent lives".  The Trust manages a nursery, a school, a college, a residential care home, residential accommodation for 100 students and an employment skills unit, all located on their 24 acre campus on the outskirts of Doncaster helping many children and young people who are deaf/hearing impaired or those with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Their application to ACT was for funding towards the renovation/refurbishment of their Glenville building, a building that accommodates their most disabled young people as at over 40 years old it has fallen into disrepair.  ACT were very pleased to be able to contribute to their fundraising target with a £10K donation.  

£2,500 for Ceiling Track Hoist

September 2016

An application was made for a 5 year old little girl who has spastic quadraplegic cerebral palsy, epilepsy and many other complex medical conditions.  Her family home has undergone adapations to accommodate her needs and her OT recommended a track ceiling hoist from her bedroom to allow safe access from bed to her wheelchair or shower chair. As the family had been successful in securing funding from a DFG, ACT were delighted to be able to help out with the shortfall of £2,500.

£5K for Work Skills Project

September 2016

Chooselife UK is an intervention service based in Llanelli, South Wales and registered as a charity to help and support people who have substance misuse, mental health and/or homeless issues.  The charity offers a variety of diverse activities, groups, courses and work experience opportunities which focus on teaching new skills, finding job satisfaction and promoting team work to help their service users reduce feelings of isolation and turn their lives around.  Their application to ACT is for help to fund their "RESTORE" project, a project that would allow service users to restore and upcycle furniture with an opportunity for placements to be offered to attendees at other NEET projects in the area.  The funding required is towards the purchase of a building and equipment/tools to be able to carry out the work.  ACT were very pleased to be able to pledge £5,000 to this project that will provide work experience and training, help service users to manage their addiction and hopefully, in turn, reduce crime.

£1K for Specialist Chair

August 2016

An application was received for a specialist chair for a 69 year old man following a stroke he suffered in 2015.  The man has suffered many health complications since his stroke and remains dependent on a full hoist for all transfers from his bed or his chair etc.  His Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist feel the provision of a specialist tilt-in-space chair with side supports for him to sit in comfortably is essential for improving his quality of life.  ACT were pleased to be able to contribute to the cost with a £1,000 donation. 

£10K to The Carers Support Centre

August 2016

The Carers' Support Service is a registered charity that since 1989 has been supporting unpaid Carers of all ages in the North and North East of Lincolnshire.  Their support includes helping to reduce the impact of the caring role on a carer's health, ensuring they have a voice and access to information, knowledge and skills they may need in their day to day lives. They applied to ACT as they would like to establish the first young carer hub in North East Lincolnshire for those who are under the age of 18 and are caring for a parent, sibling or other family member.  This would be a space to call their own, designed by them that will offer an age appropriate setting where they can access activities and support.  Many young carers miss out on childhood experiences and have to grow up very quickly, often missing out on opportunities their peer group can take for granted because of their commitments when socialising with friends has to take a back seat.  The proposed young carers hub will provide a sanctuary - somewhere to take a break and alleviate any feelings of isolatation and stress.  The project requires the conversion and refurbishment of a large room at the current Carers Support Centre and ACT were delighted to be able to make a contribution of £10K towards this much needed space.

£2,500 for "Wheels for Freedom"

August 2016

"Wheels for Freedom" is a registered charity based in Poole, Dorset set up to provide mobility services to the disabled or those with walking difficulties.  The service is available to anyone who has a disability (temporary or permanent) or a walking difficulty.  They operate through funding from Poole Council (although this has been greatly reduced), membership and visitor fees, earnings from their Out n' About service and fundraising.  The charity provides a service to many people in the community- their Shopmobility service in Poole is available 6 days a week and they attend 20 shows/events such as The New Forest show and Great Dorset Steam Fair.  In order to be able to continue providing their service, the charity needs to replace 10 all terrain scooters this year.  Without these scooters many people will feel isolated and will become reliant on friends/family for shopping, etc. ACT were pleased to be able to help them on their fundraising way with a donation of £2,500.

£500 Pledge for Sensory Equipment

July 2016

An application was received from the parents of a 17 month old girl born with Downs Syndrome, ASVD, hypermobility and developmental delay for sensory equipment.  The little girl has complex health needs and has already undergone surgery to repair heart defects.  Her OT recommended she would benefit greatly from sensory equipment to offer stimulation and motivation and help her develop her core strength.  ACT were delighted to be able to pledge a donation of £500.

£2,500 for Blind in Business

July 2016

Blind in Business is a registered charity that exists to train blind and visually impaired children in career planning to help them into their first job.  They also assist graduates.  The key to their work is to promote confidence in the children/young adults to help them progress through education and into their first job.  The application to ACT was for help to upgrade their own office technology so that the children have access to computers that have the capability to work with the speech and other specialist software they use.  The charity works with at least 80 sight impaired people in a year in London to show them the right technology so that they can complete job applications and in turn gives them experience of a real office environment.  ACT were pleased to be able to help with a donation of £2,500.