Archived news

£5,000 for NeuroMuscular Centre Expansion Project

February 2016

Based in Cheshire, The Neuromuscular Centre (NMC) is an innovative health charity that provides specialist services and support to individuals with muscular dystrophy, a progressive muscle wasting condition which results in those affected having complex physical disabilities.  The charity supports a community of 1,000 service users, their carers and families.  NMC's core services include transition support, carer breaks, specialist physiotherapy (including hydrotherapy) and vocational training in accredited qualifications. The application to ACT was for funding for an expansion project which would see NMC expand its floor space by 70% to cope with the growing demand for its services and will create an enlarged physiotherapy treatment and assessment area, a new training suite, a new community cafe and much more.  Fundraising for the project to be able to commence is underway and with half secured there is still a long way to go.  ACT's donation is specifically for fittings, furnishings and equipment.     

£1,000 Pledge for Wheelchair Smart Drive Attachment

February 2016

A 65 year old tetraplegic man applied to us for help to fund a Smart Drive attachment for his wheelchair.  The man who suffered a fall in 2006 has limited power in both upper limbs but has to rely on them in order to transfer from his wheelchair to other surfaces such as his car or bed, etc.  After doing this repeatedly during the day, he can become tired and feel a lot of pain in his shoulders which then makes self-propelling his wheelchair very difficult.  Power assist devices give wheelchair users more power and freedom to get around over different terrains and alleviate the extra burden placed on the user's upper limbs.  The man is single and lives alone so this piece of equipment will make his day to day living much easier and promote his independence.  

£3,100 Pledge to Local Solutions

February 2016

Local Solutions is a social enterprise and registered charity that since 1974 has been delivering services with the aim of empowering and supporting vulnerable people across Merseyside and North Wales.  Over the years they have developed a breadth of knowledge and expertise in identifying gaps in service needs and have a vision of a society where all people can live with dignity, lead fulfilled lives and realise their full potential.  They are currently seeking to deliver a project aimed at young people aged 18-24 who, for one reason or another, have been unable to benefit from formal education, gain meaningful employment and/or to secure and sustain independent accommodation.   By offering a tailored programme to help unblock any issues that may have prevented them from success to date they hope they will be able to help the young people to improve their ability to forge relationships, manage anger, increase confidence and communication skills and, in general, improve any area that will help them to become job ready.  ACT were pleased to be able to support Local Solutions with a donation of £3,100 towards their two planned 10 week programmes that will hopefully benefit 24 individuals.

£1,500 for Ceiling Track Hoist

February 2016

An application was received for help to fund a ceiling track hoist for a lady who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for the last 30 years.  The lady has sadly become unable to weight bear, has limited movement from the neck down and struggles with her speech.  The provision of the ceiling track hoist is vital to enable her to remain in her own home with her family who have cared for her all the years since her diagnosis and also to prevent her newly engaged carers from injuring themselves when transferring her.  ACT were pleased to be able to pledge a donation of £1,500.

£5K for Scotts Project Trust

January 2016

Scotts Project Trust's vision is that people with a learning disability should be supported to gain the confidence and independence they need to lead fulfilled happy lives.  The Trust supports people through three interlinked services; St Peter's Row, their residential care home near Tonbridge, a supported living service and an on-site development centre.  They applied to ACT for help to refurbish two bathrooms at their St Peter's Row care home which accommodates 15 people.  The bathrooms had not been updated for 15 years and had deteriorated through normal wear and tear however, additionally, the needs of their residents had changed with wetrooms and accessible showers deemed to be more appropriate in terms of safety and hygiene.   It is vital to allow those requiring high levels of support to preserve their dignity and ACT were pleased to be able to pledge £5K to the refurbishment.

£2,500 for Wall Padding

January 2016

We received an application from the mum of a 5 year old girl who wished to apply for soft padding to the walls of her daughter's bedroom.  The little girl has autism and sensory processing difficulties and is prone to seeking movement such as jumping, spinning and climbing.  Unfortunately she does not sleep through the night and much of this activity takes place when she is unsupervised, with her climbing on top of her radiator and window ledge to jump off.  This is obviously dangerous and destructive and her Occupational Therapist has recommended padding to go around the radiator pipes and the door as well as the floor and walls.  Provision of the soft padding will ensure that the little girl retains her independence in her own room but is kept safe.   ACT were pleased to be able to help out with a donation of £2,500.

£2,500 Pledge for Standing Powered Wheelchair

December 2015

We received an application from a 21 year old lady who has the muscle wasting condition, Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2.  The lady is wheelchair dependent having been unable to stand since the age of 9.  She currently works for 25 hours a week and is able to drive herself in her wheelchair adapted vehicle to and from her place of employment.  Her OT recommended that she would benefit from a standing wheelchair which will help her to maintain her strength throughout the day and also assist her in her work and ACT were delighted to add to her wheelchair voucher and help her on her fundraising way.

£3K for Meningitis Now

December 2015

Meningitis Now is a registered charity that helps those who have suffered the devastating effects of this disease.  Meningitis is aggressive, it strikes in an instant and can cause loss of limbs, brain injury, epilepsy, learning difficulties and memory loss.   The charity's vision is for a future "where no-one in the UK loses their life to meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives".  Their application to ACT was specifically for help to support a new initiative "Believe and Achieve" which is aimed at children and young people to help them overcome the challenges they face after meningitis, rebuild their lives and go on to achieve their unique potential.  ACT were delighted to pledge £3,000.

£5K for The Pendragon Community Trust

December 2015

The Pendragon Trust, a registered charity based in North Yorkshire, was set up 15 years ago by a group of parents, carers and committed professionals who realised, through their own personal experiences, that there was a huge gap in facilities for people with profound disabilities, particularly once they were past school age.  In January 2013 after years of fundraising they purchased a building in Northallerton to convert into a multi-sensory Centre which will provide a safe development environment, capable of accommodating all ages and all levels of disability.  The Centre will have a multi-sensory space, a smaller room for "one to one" work, an interactive ball pool and slide, projection, sound & light technology and a cafe area.  They are also working together with the district council to create an outdoor sensory area.  The Centre will offer a wide range of therapies, including sensory exploration, physiotherapy and carers support groups.  It is hoped that having the Centre will help to reduce feelings of isolation for disabled people and their carers and provide them comfort in knowing there are support services available to them and with over 9,300 people with profound disabilities in North Yorkshire the Centre will be well serviced.  ACT were very pleased to be able to help with a contribution towards the sensory equipment they require.    

£300 for an Epilepsy Alarm

November 2015

An application was made to us by the mother of a 4 year old girl for help to fund an epilepsy alarm.  The little girl has a learning disability and many other complications, as well as epilepsy, that require a high level of care and supervision.  She has significant sleep difficulties and needs round the clock supervision during the night in case she suffers a seizure.  The alarm entails a sensor being placed under her mattress which constantly monitors movement and will trigger an alert if it detects movement consistent with a seizure. If a seizure is detected, the control unit will send an alert to a pager so that her parents can provide immediate assistance.  ACT were pleased to be able to make a donation to this vital piece of equipment that will hopefully provide the family with some peace of mind.