Caring MacIntyre

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Caring MacIntyre

MacIntyre is a registered charity set up in 1966 by the parents of a severely disabled child.  The charity has, over the years, become a leader in the field of learning disability and provides services to over 1000 children, young people and adults with the most profound disabilities in our society.  Their services include provision of residential care, supported living, a residential school, a further education college and a wide range of lifelong learning activities.

MacIntyre's application to ACT was for help to fund a project to raise funds for sensory equipment required at their supported living service in Abingdon, Oxfordshire where 3 young men aged 21-24 are living with support. This service enables them to live in their own home rather than in residential care or with family and each of the young men supported there has a learning disability, autism and complex needs. They require help with everything they do, from personal care to communication and socialising.  

Lewis (pictured) is a resident.  He is 25 years old and has been with MacIntyre for several years since leaving college.  Lewis uses very few words to communicate, relying on pictures and symbols to express his needs and wants. He can find the outside world overwhelming, unpredictable, noisy and difficult to understand and when he comes home he benefits greatly from spending time in the sensory room.  The sensory room provides a calming environment he can control as the room was specifically designed around his sensory profile with music, lights and an aurora projector that he enjoys watching.  Lewis's fellow housemates also enjoy the room for the same reasons. 

ACT were pleased to be able to help with a donation towards this equipment which helps to make Lewis and his friends feel calm and safe.

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