Sophie’s story

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Sophie’s story

Sophie, 18, from Essex has Muscular Dystrophies and Scoliosis which, for Sophie, means her muscles are very weak and results in her needing to use a wheelchair to get around.

Sophie is an energetic and ambitious young lady who has worked hard and achieved outstanding results in her A Levels obtaining an A* in Maths, an A in Further Maths and an A in Physics. She is now studying Maths and Physics at University and having the time of her life.

Sophie’s ambition and hard work extends beyond her academic studies as she has achieved her grade 3 in both piano and singing.  Further, she is a double National Junior Champion in horse riding.

From a young age Sophie dreamed of studying science at University and taking part in the Paralympics however her big fear was that her mobility equipment would hold her back.  

Sophie had a manual wheelchair that she was not able to self-propel which meant that when she went out with friends they would have to push her. Sophie found this frustrating as she didn’t always feel like part of the group and felt isolated from a lot of conversation. Sophie's wish was to be able to go out with her friends without feeling like a hindrance.

The dream of going to University and leading an independent life would not have been possible without a powered wheelchair.

 The partnership between Whizz-Kidz and ACT enabled Sophie to obtain the mobility equipment she needed to enable her to keep up her fast paced lifestyle and help her reach her full potential. Sophie loves her new wheelchair which has provided her with the independence she always dreamt of.

Sophie says: -

“Thanks to my power chair I can travel anywhere on campus, pop to the shop, go to the cafe's and clubs with my flatmates and be a typical student.”

Sophie’s new wheelchair has also had an impact on her entire family as she no longer has to depend on her parents when she is at home. This has taken some much needed pressure off them as Sophie’s brother is also in a wheelchair and at times this has been very difficult. Now Sophie has her powered wheelchair nothing is holding her back from leading the fun, fulfilling and active life she deserves.