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£5K for Harlow Stroke Support Group

September 2018

Harlow Stroke Support Group (HSSG) has been a registered charity covering Harlow and the surrounding areas since 2003 with the mission to improve the lives of stroke survivors, their carers and families.  The charity's aim is to enable those affected by a stroke to lead a life that is as full and active as possible and they can be there at every stage of recovery to assist.  They run advice and support meetings, offer 1:1 home visits and hold groups where their clients can take part in chair based exercise classes, work on speech and language and enjoy social and rehabilitation opportunities in a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, doing arts and crafts, playing games or simply chatting.  The groups are supervised by a Stroke Support Worker with help from volunteers.  ACT were delighted to be able to pledge a donation of £5K to help them to carry on their great work.

£500 for Bath lift

August 2018

A 60 year old lady who is living with a diagnosis of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, a condition that affects all the muscles of her upper body, applied to us for help to fund a bath lift.  Being able to sit fully immersed in a bath is essential for managing her condition, with the hot water helping to relax her muscles to ease pain and discomfort.  The provision of the lift to help her to get in and out, as she has no muscle strength to raise from a sitting to standing position, is vital.  ACT were pleased to be able to help her fundraising along with a £500 donation towards the lift.

£5K for Age UK Wirral

August 2018

Age UK Wirral is an independent local charity that works with 30,000 people every year with the support of over 400 volunteers.  They have 3 main departments - Home and Communities, Health and Activities and Care.  The Care department is their largest and includes Stanhope Court, a 13 bedroom residential home for people in the late stages of Dementia who are no longer able to live at home and day care centres for those with early onset Dementia.  The request they made to ACT was for help to fund a piece of equipment called the Tovertafel "Magic Table", a fantastic piece of technology which they believe greatly enhances how they deliver care to their clients with moderate to late stage Dementia.  The equipment projects games and activities from the ceiling onto a table and has been designed specifically for people to be able to relax, reminisce and be postively stimulated.  It can be utilised in groups and staff have witnessed their clients sitting happily together, sharing the activity by helping and encouraging each other and having fun.  ACT were delighted to be able to award a grant of £5K for this equipment.

£5K to The CLD Trust

July 2018

The CLD Trust is a unique and innovative health & wellbeing charity providing support for young people and some adults who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health.  They receive over 1,200 referrals per year for specialist talking therapies for a range of presentations including physical, sexual and emotional abuse, anxiety and low mood, eating difficulties, self-harm, bullying, bereavement and relationship difficulties.  Their application to ACT was for help to fund low intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for some of their young clients.  ACT were pleased to be able to pledge an award of £5K which will help 28 young people.

£549 for a Magnetic Harness

July 2018

The mum of a 13 year old who has a diagnosis of West's syndrome applied to us for help to fund a specialist magnetic harness to help keep her son safe whilst travelling in the car.  The young man has autistic traits also and development delay which can result in displays of challenging behaviour which can be difficult to manage whilst travelling both in the family car and on public transport.  The specialist magnetic harness mum was requesting is secured to the vehicle seat and is effective for passengers who would otherwise remove themselves from a standard product.  ACT were pleased to be able to fund this very useful piece of equipment for the family.